Pictured below are the various Printed Banner styles, with a choice of pole being available for these. Additional items further down the page are Exhibition Rollup Stands, Rectangular Swivel Flags, Table covers, Windsocks, Table flags, to name a few. There are also images of the hardware to go with the products displayed here. Please email or phone for a price list. All prices are per unit.

Please go to the Orders page , call 01256 812487 or e-mail zen81837@zen.co.uk To visit us, please call to arrange a time & date where possible (click here for a map of where we are)

All Images Copyright KitesUp 2010

There is a short (44cm) telescopic pole now available. This is ideal if your requirement has a height restriction. It is suitable for a print height of up to 2.4m, and adds £5 to the overall cost. The Superpole also has a short-sectioned version (80cm) with any of the bottom 3 sections fitting the superpole hardware. It can be set at 2.8m, 3.5m or 4.1m-(pole length, not actual finished height)

Add a bit of comfort with this custom-printed cushion + cover. At 40cm in size, it is great for all sorts of occasions.






There are 4 Printed Banner styles for the standard Telescopic or Superpoles, available in various lengths. The style name is listed below the banner style it relates to. A sturdy bag can be supplied for the standard telescopic banners when requested (for £7) We can offer discount pricing for larger orders.


Blade style, Superpole recommended


















This is the MiniBubble Banner, with steel chrome 3-legged base. Eye-catching, versatile, stands at 85cm so ideal for tables
Above is the Mini Banner (copyright) This is 1.2m of print, on shrunk-wrapped glassfibre spar.





Bubble Banner- with a ground spike or Crossbase and water fillable bag. Available in 2.2m or 3.35m (finished height) We have a small amount of the old sizes, as in the price list, please call for availability / discount prices.





Banner Groups
To the right is the L-shaped Super-pole & banner. It is a slot together pole, in 3m, 4m (pictured) or 5m This comes with either a choice of crossbase or groundspike, both with a swivel spigot.The print size can vary, depending on your requirements.







Create a stunning effect with a group of Bird Heads (copyright) to add colour and movement to any Event. Pre-printed design or we can work to your own ideas, and these can be as a Group, or as an Individual item. They stand 6m tall, and 3.5m to the nose tip.


We have a range of smaller banners (left) the Micro, Midi and Maxi (Ignite one below left) banner. They can be as the Blade (left) or Feather (right) shape. All three sizes can either be on a telescopic pole, or the 4m Superpole or the Short sectioned Superpole.

We also have a range of Pre-Printed Micro banner designs, at £25 inc. per design. They can be ordered by number (middle image below)












The "Finish" and Ritter Chocolate ones are options for the Micro Banner. There are two versions: The "Finish" group are the standard type and the Ritter group are the Swivel Top version. Both stand approx 3m high, but can be put on taller poles if required.






Various Other items






Rollup Exhibition Stands onto an FR fabric. and are freestanding for indoor use. The Single sided version (on the left) has the option of it being Double sided, so two different images if required. The above image is the cassette base and carry case it is supplied with.





Above is the Eye Pod, (copyright) which comes with groundstakes for soft-standing, It is Supplied with a long nylon carry bag for easy transportation.


Above is the Ad Arch (single or double sided) This comes with groundstakes for soft-standing, & can also be adapted for Indoor use. Supplied with a long nylon carry bag for easy transportation.






Small Table Flags, (image left) can be custom printed with your company logo or text. We can also offer the option of a Mini Table Banner, which stands approx 40cm high (image right)






Printed windsock, in the style of those seen on airfields. It comes in various sizes, the smallest being 3ft (90cm). The amount of printed panels depends on the size of the windsock.


A custom print, onto Endurance fabric, made to fit onto a pre-installed framework. This works well as a screen, and is an eye-catching feature.
A custom print curtain, onto FR Ripstop, made to fit a supplied pole. This works well as a screen, and is an eye-catching feature for any interior.


Feather, handy as a camping pass, ID tag, or for anything that springs to mind! Print size of 25cm by 10cm. No minimum order, other sizes available










We can custom print a bag, on one or both side-small runs only.
The tee-shirt on the left has been printed using soft flock on the front and sleeves, and the tee-shirt on the right has flock text and a full colour printed logo. We can also print onto long sleeve tee-shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts, standard short and long sleeve shirts, and High Viz waistcoats (black only for the latter)
The above has been printed using dye-sublimation, so the full colour image is within the fabric fibres. Available on white ormarl grey (please note that white print is not available on the latter 2 colours).
This is a custom fitted table-cover on a hard wearing fabric. Throwover table cloths are also possible.
A 1.5m pole on a wall bracket, which can be angled to suit the style of flag required.



Other promotional items are available, such as:

Mugs for 7.99 each, or 5 each for 10 or more

Mouse Mat for 5 (this has a fabric surface and natural rubber base)

Bar Runner (42 x 22cm) for 5 each, no minumum order.

Jigsaw, A3 size and 150 pieces, for 15












The above is a large flag, with the print of your choice. It can be supplied with eyelets, a sleeve or rope on toggle if it to go onto a flagpole. Various sizes available.
We can custom print kites in a selection of styles. Perfect for advertizing a Company for promotional purposes.
This is a custom printed tile, using dye-sublimation.




For Standard flags (ie: 5 by 3) that require Rope and Toggle to go onto Flagpoles that are in-situ, we can offer an antifray edge to prolong the life of the flag. This adds £5 to the price. We are able to print long rectangular banners to the size of your choice, with eyelets where required. Please call for more details.





Above is the Bubble banner. This comes with the ground-spike for soft-standing, with the Crossbase and waterfillable bag as additional options. **
Accessories and fixings









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Above is the square Steel Powdercoated base (for the standard telescopic poles) mainly designed for indoor use, but also adapted for outdoor use with the use of 4 corner pegs, or using a water fillable bag for hard-standing, for the Micro or Midi banner only.
Above is the Steel Powdercoated base (for the standard telescopic poles) designed to have the wheel of a car parked on it for outdoor use, or for indoor with a heavy item placed on the flat surface.(the base in situ to the right)



Above are 3 different angled Rotating Adapters, that fit all sizes of the L-shaped and tapered Superpoles.

Above is the rotating ground spike that is supplied with both types of the Super-pole (standard and L-shaped).

Below is the screw-in version of the groundstake

Above is the crossbase for both styles of the Super-pole. For outdoor use, pegged down, one of the legs under a car wheel, or with a water fillable bag for hard standing. It can be used indoors as a freestanding item.

There is also an adapter available so that this style can be used for a telescopic pole, which adds slightly to the cost.



To the left is the L-shaped Super-poles, supplied with the bag (which can also be bought as a separate item). It is available in 2.1m, 3m, 4.2m and 5m (pole length)






To the left is the tapered Super-pole,(bag also available as separate item). Comes in 3.96m, 5,18m, 6.44m and 7.7m sizes (pole length). There is a short pole version, at 80cm packed length, ideal for classic cars and motorbikes, where storage space is limited. Can be used as 2.8m, 3.5m or 4.15m, as all 3 bottom sections are generic, and fits all hardware.

There is a 66cm extension pole to extend the superpoles (all) but to use with caution with larger sizes










Above is another version of the crossbase for both styles of the Super-pole. This folds down for easy transportation, and is designed for indoor use, or outdoor with smaller banners



Above is a swivel spigot and cover to fit a 15" spare tyre as a weight for a banner. Fits all the Superpoles. Best suited to 15" wheels, but not for Alloy ones.

Below is a version of the crossbase to go with both styles of the Super-pole. This fits under the wheel of a car, and folds down for ease of transportation.


Above is the waterbase and spigot. Just the base part can be bought as a separate item. For in or outdoor use.